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Audio Lab welcomes the following brands! Bowers & Wilkins Headphones, PrimaLuna Amplification, Monitor Audio PLATINUM Series Speakers, KEF LS50 WIRELESS
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Home Theater Systems

Audio Lab has been in the home audio, home theater, and hi fi stereo business in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA) since 1965. As a home audio retailer, we sell, repair, and install the most affordable high-performance home theater systems MA has to offer from entry-level to high-end. We look for good build-quality, coupled with excellent performance in all the audio equipment and stereo accessories we sell. Hence, you get the best value in each category and price range. Audio Lab's goal is to provide you with the best sounding home audio, home theater, and hi fi stereo system equipment. We specialize in turntables and phono cartridges, styli, and replacement needles for all record players and turntables -- from vintage to high-end. And yes, we have the world's largest selection of phono cartridges, record player replacement needles, and replacement styli in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Also, Audio Lab buys and sells gently used quality audio equipment. We welcome trade-ins and upgrades.

Home Audio Repair

Trust your home audio repair to be fixed, calibrated, or upgraded by an Audio Expert -- an Electrical Engineer. Our technicians have over 25 years of experience, and the head technician has over 40 years. We repair all types of home audio equipment on-site. If you are in a rush, we offer curbside drop off and pick-up.

Home Audio Installation

We provide home audio and home theater installation for your home or business in MA, at affordable rates. If you need help in hooking up the television to your surround sound system, we can make a house call. We service Cambridge, Boston, and its suburbs.

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